Who is this guy?

Someone I work with once called me a "positive disruptor" and it really resonated with me. I try to make changes, lead, and advocate for healthy, collaborative, and productive teams.

Before the deeper stuff... In addition to everything here and on my resume, I specialize in cost-effective remote operations and research. I understand what it takes to operate a remote team in regards to commitment, software and hardware, and group dynamics. Furthermore, as a result of security concerns within schools and education in general, I've explored solutions ranging from mailing specially selected cameras to users in order to operate within legal guidelines to leveraging the newest design tools to track the mouse movement of 8 users at once.

This part of the site is always a challenge for me. Balancing confidence and humbleness is something I struggle with. At the end of the day I help teams and projects raise their level of quality by leading, demonstrating, collaborating, and generally just getting shit done.

I take great pride in teaching and mentoring new professionals to the industry and I feel it's our responsibility as designers and people in general to pass on and share our experiences so that others can have even better opportunities than we did.