Shop Sears

Shop Sears is the internal associate facing application Sears uses to inform customers from anywhere in the store about items they might be interested in purchasing. The application for 2 different mediums, each with a different purpose. The iPad version is a full features application with the objective to migrate the entire checkout process right to the associates hand wherever they are in the store using additional hardware, as well as aggregate information and inform members about purchase decisions.
The iPod version, Shop Sears Lite, is developed to be a "line buster" and to quickly scan items and execute a speedy checkout process.

My role was to help evolve Shop Sears Standard and take the integral feature and help implement them into a smaller screen with a simpler and more direct objective. I was lead designer for Shop Sears Lite and worked very closely with UXA's to create and improve functionality with interactive wire frames. Once the wires were implemented, a style was created and applied so that I could work with the front end develoeprs and then engineering to fully implement business required features.

iPhone Mock