Lead Management System

The Lead Management System in an internal application that was a rebranding I did used for Sears associates. The Lead Management System is used to track the sale and leads statistics for associates in all Sears and Kmart stores around the country. The process for this branding was done in a different manner than most of our projects, so it was good practice is adapting and experiencing a new process. The site had already been built from wires, my job was to create a brand and a visually appealing experience in an extremely quick timeline due to certain project difficulties before I was assigned. The business requirements for this project were pretty flexible as it was more of a rebranding and skinning of the visuals, so I started with a strong login page and built out from there. I wanted the associates to have a sense of ownership and immediate recognition, so we went and took some photography of a few stores. Once we received some data from the business unit we realized just how well the associates were doing and the numbers they were pulling in, so we used those sales numbers to reinforce the idea that they were the backbone of everything and made them the highlight on the desktop and tablet versions.